Read What Heather's Clients Are Saying...


“I hesitate to recommend Heather Kirk to anyone because I want her all to myself.

I’ve never worked with a Graphic Designer who can complete difficult design jobs on time, at so little cost, and make them look so good. She’s quite remarkable, actually. If you want to assess how good Heather is, just ask her to show you some of the work she has done for me. Go ahead, ask her!”

Alex Mandossian, and Co-Founder of


“Thank you, Heather and your Branded For Success Team — Now I have a brand that I am passionate about.

I am so grateful that you had the foresight and creativity to put together such a personal, interactive and productive branding experience. You’ve given me an opportunity to escape from the day-to-day grind of life and focus on my business’s creative direction and growth. This experience has inspired and renewed my excitement. All that and new friends, too! Thank you.”

Kendra Todd, Host of HGTV's "My House Is Worth What?", Winner of Donald Trump’s Apprentice 3, Founder of The Kendra Todd Group, The Equity Zone and


"The Guerrilla covers you designed for me truly are perfect.

They capture the essence of my books while standing apart in the bookstore. Plus, you’ve cleverly maintained the camouflage visual identity of the brand. They look beautiful. Please take a curtsy so we can give you a proper standing ovation.”

Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing,


“Heather is not just a Graphic Designer — she is an awesome Marketer.

Heather has helped me create and design Piranha Marketing products and Genius Network interviews that have made thousands and thousands of dollars. I highly recommend her and the entire Branded For Success team for anyone who is serious about taking your branding, design and marketing to a whole new level.”

Joe Polish, Founder of Piranha Marketing and


“Branded For Success is the ONLY design team I refer our clients to.

Heather Kirk of Branded For Success is the go-to designer for many of the top Information Marketers in the world. She knows your target audience and her designs inspire people to purchase from you. Her branded designs are outstanding and our clients who use Heather and her Branded For Success team have lower return rates because of the great look.”

Bret Ridgway,


"Brilliant designing, seamless branding, great personality, unwavering integrity, and years of experience.

That is what I look for when choosing any design firm to work on projects as important as ours. Heather and the Branded For Success Team has it all, plus extremely competitive pricing.

Don't waste time looking any longer — you've already found the best. Branded For Success has been working with our team for years and will be for years to come."

David L. Hancock, Founder, Morgan James Publishing,


"Not only are Heather Kirk's designs simply brilliant, she took the time to understand exactly what I wanted to communicate through my brand and products.

She works with a thoroughness, professionalism and creativity that are tops in the industry, and I've recommended her to all of my friends and colleagues without hesitation. (But I'd really prefer you didn't call her, because then she'll have less time to work on my products!)"

Noah St. John,


“Hands down, Heather is the best vendor I have ever worked with.

Speedy service, quality work, and reliability are what I was looking for when I set out to find a graphic designer to help bring my eBooks to life. That person is Heather Kirk. She always has my best interest in mind and continually finds ways to take my information products to a whole new level… which translates into bigger profits.

It's rare that you find someone you can’t live without. Well, I can say with 100% confidence that in my information marketing business, I couldn't live without Heather. I'm a lifetime fan and will be a lifetime customer."

Stu McLaren, Creativity Expert, Founder of


"Branded For Success is the perfect description of the experiences you will have with this team.

I feel as though I am ready to conquer the world of seminar photography with a renewed professionalism and pride not only in the product I offer, but also in the way in which my entire business is presented to all of the clients who are in need of our services.

The confidence this Branding has given me is a rush of excitement, and I can hardly wait to get started showing it to everyone. Thank you Heather and the Branded For Success Team!”

Mary Mazzullo,


“Heather Kirk is my kind of a person.

Heather — it has been great working with you. When we’ve turned projects over to you, we’ve always felt confident. I like to see things get done, and you always deliver. That is very important to me.

Thanks for your quality work and excellent service.”

John Childers, Wealth Coach,

George & Maria

“Branded For Success is more than a graphic design resource. Heather Kirk is an integral member of our business team.

On each of our projects, Heather has taken the time to talk with us in order to understand what we have wanted to convey to our audience. Her creative skills and input have helped to make each project a success.

Heather is the consummate, accommodating professional. She is our ‘go to’ person.”

George Dooley & Maria Harrison,


“If you are lucky enough to work with Heather, you are truly blessed.

Heather is a brilliant designer and does whatever it takes to get the job done in excellence and on time. She knows what you need before you do. She’s honest, direct, has great ideas, and is willing to stretch and create eye candy if that’s what you’re into or a more conservative look if that’s your market.

Heather knows your audience and how to inspire them to buy your work! She's a complete pro. I recommend her highly!"

Wendy Robbins, Founder of, Co-Inventor of The Tingler, head massager


“I was a beginner who knew nothing about eBook publishing.

Heather is always kind, helpful and professional — and never too busy to answer questions. Because of her patience, assistance and, most of all, her hard work, my eBook, Property Tax Toolbox, looks great.

Heather did what she said she would do, when she said she would do it. She made my eBook come to life. The clarity and honesty of her estimating made working with her a real pleasure. Everyone who sees my eBook remarks at how great it looks — thanks to Heather."

Michael F. McCormick, Sr. ,


“Heather Kirk is a gem among gems.

Not only is she a superb designer who understands packaging and the subtler elements of ‘look’ and ‘feel’ that add value to any visual presentation, she is also a terrific editor and idea-person.

Add to that, her marketing-savvy approach — and you’ve got your ‘go-to person’ for marketing-smart design! I’m very pleased with the work she did for me, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

David Garfinkel, Copywriter, Author and Business Development Coach,


“Somehow, you manage to always over deliver on your promises.

You are amazing, Heather! Your dedication continues to impress me more with every project."

Tracy Alan Childers,



“She’s creative, extremely responsive and flexible.

Throughout the long process of producing my special opt-in report and eBook, one constant was the joy of working with Heather Kirk.

Not only does $12 Million Dollars Worth Of Web Marketing Mistakes & Solutions From The 7 Masters of The Web Universe look wonderful, but her design ideas also enriched the content. I have no hesitation in recommending her to our clients."

Shirley Hanson,


“If you’re looking for graphics help, look no further than Heather.

As a new Internet marketer, we were unsure where to turn to get help producing graphics for our notebooks, our CDs and our DVD cases.

Heather came highly recommended to us, and she definitely did not disappoint. She took our very rough concepts and turned them into professional looking products."

Chris Anderson,


"Heather is the best!

I know when I work with Heather that the designs will be great, my materials will be done properly and on time. And, I never have to worry!

Thanks, Heather!"

Ellen Violette, The eBook Coach,


“Heather Kirk’s communication skills and the process by which she conducts herself is by far the best I have encountered.

Heather is an accomplished and multi-talented design professional. Her excellent work speaks for itself.

She has an amazing ability to create a professional product from your basic concept and vision. Combined with her fast turn-around, outstanding communication skills and work process, she is the Number One Choice.”

Cynthia Denton,


“Heather came highly recommended by a first-tier marketer, and I wasn't disappointed.

In the course of my project, I found Heather to be on time and pleasant to work with. Needless to say, she also produces a professional product.

I'm counting on her quality input on future projects.”

Rob LaPointe, Kung Fu and Tai Chi for Fitness and Self-Defense,


“Heather’s design work is superb!

After just a few conversations, Heather was able to take the idea we had for and create the perfect look for both my logo and website.

Her attention to detail is incredible, and thanks to her creativity and forethought, is a place where men, women, singles and couples love to visit. Heather over-delivers and delights me with every project. It’s a true pleasure to work with her.”

Leslie Karsner, Romance Coach and Founder of